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With Fusion, you can run your favorite Windows applications on your Intel-based Mac.

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You can also download virtual machines from the VMware Technology Network VMTN Website, which has a growing library of virtual appliances with a wide range of pre-installed and preconfigured applications and operating systems. Connecting a Windows virtual machine to a network exposes the virtual machine to any active viruses present in the network.

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VMware recommends that you install antivirus software in any Windows virtual machine before you connect networking. Note that Fusion's default network connection type for new virtual machines is NAT, which will prevent the spread of viruses over the network into the virtual machine, and will only expose the virtual machine to external viruses through browser security flaws when you browse the Internet.

Sending the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keystroke combination to a virtual machine To send the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keystroke combination to a virtual machine, do one of the following:. Note: When you press Fn-Ctrl-Option-Delete , the Ctrl key occasionally remains activated and working after you release it. To continue working in the virtual machine, press and release the Ctrl key again.

VMware Workstation 8 and VMware Fusion 4 available

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Article Search:. Your Office data is at risk!

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Start your day Trial. Your local computer may also fall asleep, depending on your settings. Never click on the X in the right hand corner to exit out of QuickBooks, as this may corrupt your company file. Depending on the way your printer is configured you may see your printers show up automatically such as network or wireless printers or you may have to manually bring them into the virtual machine.

Useful Keyboard Mappings for VMWare Fusion

Your Q drive is your personal place to store your files. This is where you will put your QuickBooks files.

This drive is backed up every day. Get in the habit of saving every file on your virtual machine to the Q drive instead of the desktop. The desktop is not backed up.