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Like any other hardware device, an external hard drive will fail sooner or later. One good option is to use cloud storage services. I now use IDrive read our full review here , and I really like it because the app is so easy to use, and it also allows me to back up my Facebook albums and photos automatically. Backblaze and Carbonite are also popular options in the market, though I have yet to give them a try.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. You can imagine their desperation. Anyway, the main takeaway I want you to have from this article is this: Backup your Mac with Time Machine and create a second or third copy of those backups if you can.

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I have performed a complete back up of my Mac once back in September. I am now struggling with subsequent back ups. The back up actually runs and is dated appropriately, but there are folders and files that are not on the Seagate External Hard drive that are on my Mac. Any thoughts on why this might be?

I also use iDrive and can highly recommend it. I have a more specific question about backing up Mac files. How do I copy a Mac screen shot to an external drive? Nothing more … nothing less.

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So I reboot and sometimes it goes away, sometimes I turn it off completely for an hour. I never had this problem with Yosemite. Anyway, I use time machine to back it up and about 6 months ago, I started cloning my machine in Sierra. I also have a clone of my machine when it was Yosemite. I am presently copying all my docs, music, pictures, etc, to even another external drive, as I am thinking of wiping my computer clean and doing a clean install of High Sierra.

They say the beachball is a sign that one of the programs is hanging up, but I have yet to determine which it is. I have been getting help from a MAC guru and so I have been getting lazy about doing things myself, and I want to get back to doing it myself. It is so annoying when the MAC slows down! It was just nice to read your article making it all sound so easy. Spent a lot on my Mac book pro Retina in May Your email address will not be published. Where is Time Machine on Mac?

We cover how to delete Mac backups in a separate article. There are lots of ways you can backup your Mac, but if you were to choose just one way to backup a Mac, which should it be? We've got a round up of the best hard drives here. Time Machine is a good solution, but is it the best backup solution? A better solution might be one that is not kept at the same location as your Mac, given that if there was a fire or flood, both Mac and backup could be destroyed.

How to Backup Mac to an External Drive

Apple includes its own backup software, Time Machine as part of the macOS. All you need to do is plug in an external storage device, hard drive or SSD, and start backing up with Time Machine.

We have a complete guide to using Time Machine to back up your Mac here. The only real disadvantages of Time Machine are that you need to remember to plug in your hard drive otherwise nothing will be backed up, although you could set up Time Machine on a NAS drive for a wireless backup, but that might be a bit slower.

We have a step-by-step guide to backing up with Time Machine here , but essentially you just need to do the following:. There are, of course, alternatives to Time Machine that you might prefer. As with Time Machine you can use the backup drive - or clone - to recover your Mac in the case of failure and to retrieve an earlier version of a document or a deleted photo.

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And, as with Time Machine, you do need to remember to plug in your drive for the backup. A clone is slightly different to a Time Machine backup because it can be used to boot from, so you could plug it in to another Mac and boot up from it without recovering your Mac, which could be useful as a temporary measure. The method you use to clone your Mac will depend on the software you are using to back up your Mac, but generally you can expect it to be something like this:. Depending on whether or not you pay Apple a monthly subscription for iCloud storage, it may be an option to keep a backup of your data in iCloud.

This is a particularly useful solution if you have more than one Mac, or you want to access things you are working on from an iPhone or iPad. We explain the difference between iTunes Match and Apple Music here.