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Even though you may love the ability to create, store, and access your passwords across all of your devices thanks to iCloud Keychain, you may not want all of the features the service provides, like auto-filling and autosaving your personal and credit card information. If, for example, you share your Mac with your roommate, or your iPad with your kids, you probably don't want them to be able to use your account details to log into your social media sites or buy stuff on Amazon.

You can keep your passwords stored in iCloud without using the autofill and autosave features that come along with it. Here are some terrific accessories for the iPad:.

Mac and iOS Keychain Tutorial: How Apple’s iCloud Keychain Works

Keep your iPad Air looking stylish and safe while still having fast-access to all buttons and ports with the ZUGU Protective iPad Case, which allows your iPad Air to auto sleep and wake up thanks to a dust-proof and scratch-proof magnetic cover. It comes in black, midnight blue, dark purple, and red color options, and is made from soft synthetic leather.

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It's designed for the This particular iPad accessory is made with foam padding and a fluffy fleece lining, meaning that it's both lightweight and protective. The MOSISO Water Resistant iPad Sleeve comes in nine different color options and is even designed with an extra pocket for you to store additional cords, wires, or whatever else you need while on the go. Adjust and stand at attention with some help from the Lamicall Adjustable Stand. This stand keeps your iPad Air adjusted at whatever angle is most comfortable, the rubber pads at the bottom of the stand designed to stop your iPad from toppling over.

The Lamicall Adjustable Stand comes in four different colors, including silver, rose gold, gray, and black.

How to Export Passwords From Keychain Access

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station? Cut the cord, the mouse cord that is, with a top-quality wireless mouse! Skip to main content. Black Friday at Dell: Check out the best deals now! Forums Shop Toggle Search. How to enable or disable iCloud Keychain. How to create a pseudo-random password using iCloud Keychain on your Mac How to manually add your personal and credit card information to iCloud Keychain on iPhone and iPad.

How to manually add your personal information to iCloud Keychain for iPhone and iPad How to manually add your credit card information to iCloud Keychain for iPhone and iPad How to manually add or remove personal and credit card info with iCloud Keychain on your Mac If you buy something on your Mac while in Safari, and you have iCloud Keychain on, you'll be asked if you want to store your credit card information. How to manually add or remove credit cards in iCloud Keychain for Mac How to access and view your iCloud Keychain passwords.

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    How to use the Keychain® Access utility of Mac OS X® to unlock and view passwords

    You can read it here. That makes it much easier to follow good security practises, such as using a different passcode for every service. On a Mac, you can also create and store secure notes in your iCloud Keychain. Such notes require their own password, as well as your account password, to access, making them highly secure spaces to store things such as software licenses. Write and name the note and tap Add.

    To access that note in the future you will need the password you set. Got a story?

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